As we mentioned above, having an armed security officer plays a vital role in protecting your property,
business, and people. No amount of security is too much if it makes you feel entirely safe. Your armed
security patrols need to be ready for a quick response to any emergency. As they keep strolling around,
they may scare potential criminals. The main benefit is that they are available around the clock.
Whether it is day or night, they will be ready to respond to emergencies or even alarm responsible
authorities quickly. You can be sure that our Alert Patrol team is excellently trained for this highly
reliable job. If you are interested in our security officer patrol services, feel free to contact us. 

Personal bodyguards protect VIPs and celebrities or anyone alike, but virtually anyone can hire a
bodyguard if they feel like their safety is threatened. Truth be told, they are much more than imposing
figures. Like with other security officers, their role is to deter potential dangers and react accordingly if
an incident occurs. They take on a massive responsibility because their list of duties can get very long.
That’s why you need to do some serious research before hiring yourself a bodyguard; you want a
professional, high-skilled and reliable individual. When you start going through agencies that offer
personal bodyguard services, here are some of the things you should take into consideration.

Before requesting a bodyguard, you need to understand your needs and clearly state them to the
agency. Personal bodyguard can perform many duties, from security officer patrol services to personal
drivers and everything in between. Bodyguards or Security Officers can patrol on foot around your
household to make sure you’re safe while you’re mobile, or escort you during your everyday activities.
Do you need a personal bodyguard that is present with you 24/7, or only for a certain amount of time
during a day or a week. Do you need one or more people to protect you? If you’re going to travel soon,
let us know about it if you’re planning to take your bodyguard with you. Have you established any
protection measures yet? And so on. 

Here at Greengable Security we offer you both personal and asset protection services. We hire individuals who have history in the military or law enforcement services. They are highly skilled and equipped to identify suspicious objects; therefore, they can prevent incidents. If something happens, and your security becomes threatened, your bodyguard should be able to step in front of you and risk their safety to protect you. 

GreenGable Security LLC is a South Florida based company.
We provide Armed & Un-Armed Security officers to large and small commercial, industrial and residential clients.