Armed Security

Our Armed officers are specially trained individuals ready to respond to emergencies, prevent damages and thefts. This is a highly responsible job, but we are here to help you.

Our Security officer patrols know how to handle various situations, and they will surely put your property’s and your people’s safety as the number one priority. Generally speaking, the presence of an Armed Security officer who owns a weapon can considerably lower the chances of criminal behavior.

If you have the facility in an unpredictable environment like an inner-city, you’ll probably need armed security patrol, especially if you are the owner of:


The main problems retail stores are experiencing are actually thefts and internal conflicts. Having an Armed Security Officer could help you keep your employees, customers, and store safe from potential criminal activity.


Every hospital needs an Armed Security officer ready to handle patients who are out of control or prevent potential thefts and protect patients from those who do them harm. It will be great if you place armed Security officer next to the entrance area so they can carefully observe every person before entering the building and notice any suspicious behavior on time.


Nowadays, we witness many tragic situations like active shootings, which usually result in many injured people. One of the possible ways to stop it is by increasing Security measures and engaging Armed Security patrol. Armed Security officers can also play a significant role in exposing drugs or any other dangerous substances. They can take care of students and teachers during potential evacuations or school fights.


We already know that malls can collect a lot of people at the same place. This is the main reason why it is so hard to pay attention to every customer at the same time. As a result, there can possibly be a chance of committing different crimes, but mostly shoplifting. That’s why it is necessary to have mall Security on each floor, or even in each store. After all, if you want to prevent some extra damage or thefts, make sure to engage parking lot Security officers.


As we mentioned above, having an Armed Security officer plays a vital role in protecting your property, business, and people. No amount of security is too much if it makes you feel entirely safe. Your Armed
Security patrols need to be ready for a quick response to any emergency. As they keep strolling around, they may scare potential criminals. The main benefit is that they are available around the clock.
Whether it is day or night, they will be ready to respond to emergencies or even alarm
responsible authorities quickly. You can be sure that our Armed Security team is excellently trained for this highly reliable job. If you are interested in our Armed Security services, feel free to contact us at 1-877-364-8128

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